Patience and Drive While Reaching Goals

I had a business meeting in the north suburbs of Chicago on Friday and am now in Kentucky where I overnighted on my way to meetings in Greenville, SC. In between, playing with the grandkids in the west suburbs of Chicago.

Do you ever travel long distances? Even if there are no kids, do you ever think “Are we there, yet?”

It started my thoughts on reaching goals. Even spiritual goals.

You begin. “I’ll read a chapter a day in the Bible.” Or some other goal. Even more ambitious–“I’ll treat everyone with just a little more kindness today.”

Then you go on with your life. And you don’t always do it. And you lose patience with yourself.

But you’re going to get there when you get there. Spiritual depth does not come overnight. Nor does treating everyone the way you should treat them.

A little at a time you find yourself growing toward your destination. It comes. Not on our time, but when the time is ripe.

In the meantime, you just have to remind yourself to be patient with the work in progress. It’ll come.

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