A Day of Heightened Tension

It’s Wednesday of Holy Week. I’m traveling this week first to Florida on business (rather successful, too) and then taking a couple of days off the grid in the hills of southern Ohio to refresh my thinking before Easter.

The year before this was Holy Week, Jesus continued to antagonize the religious leaders. He steered clear of Rome. Although his message was the direct opposite of Rome’s those he attacked were the leaders of his religion who had forsaken following God and replaced it with structured religion.

He had attacked the commercialism of the Temple–acting just like an Old Testament prophet. Symbolically attacking the seat of improper power. Events are rapidly heading toward conclusion.

But the conclusion is still a little over a day away. There is still uncertainty in the air. But things have started that cannot be reversed.

It’s the time between deciding and acting. That time of tension. Athletes feel it just before a game. You may feel it just before a big event.

Not like Jesus, though. It was life and death for him. And not a pretty death. But it was also anticipation of the resurrection. Really it was life and death…and life. But the waiting must have been tough. No wonder they recorded the scene in Gethsemane.

It is that still point of tension. Waiting for the inevitable.

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