How Did I Get Into This Mess

Did you ever commit to something and then begin to wonder about it?

Maybe you agreed to speak to a large group. Maybe you are on a mission trip and about to go face the people. Maybe it’s a court case. Maybe a cross-country drive and the weather turns ugly.

There is a moment after the action is initiated and before the events take place where you wonder, “What did I get myself into?”

I’ve been there. Had that queasy feeling in the stomach.

We know Jesus felt that.

He told his friends that he was heading to Jerusalem for the Passover celebration. He had a feeling that bad things would happen. I think John did. Not so sure about Peter and the rest.

But Jesus, even through the celebration of the “Palm Sunday” parade into Jerusalem.

Later Jesus prayed. He had that feeling. Events had been set in motion and there was that feeling you get when you know you’ve got to carry on even though it isn’t going to be pretty.

That’s the pre-Easter feeling. We know the end of the  story for Jesus. But we still have to experience it for ourselves.

2 Responses to “How Did I Get Into This Mess”

  1. kenajos Says:

    Exactly how I felt last night in the middle of an argument with my wife about nothing…”how did I get into this mess??”

  2. Things I Learned — March 25 « Be Beautiful and Dance. Says:

    […] stole that reflection after reading this blogpost because it perfectly reflects what I was going through last night. Katy and I got into an argument […]

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