Becoming a Good Person

“She’s a good person.”

Have you ever said that about someone? What did you mean? What caused you to think of that person as good?

Someone recently mentioned the Pharisees in a conversation. That brought up a meditation on the group and Jesus. John, especially, draws very sharp lines between Jesus and the Pharisees. When I start to meditate, I usually wind up bringing several streams of thought into a river.

Dallas Willard said recently that the Pharisees tried to be good people by acting good. They had a list of rules and believed that if they followed the list completely, they would be good. Jesus said that you should become the kind of person who naturally does good.

Bill Hybels was talking about the power of a schedule (I wrote about that this week) and taught that you should look at your schedule as you make it out each week not as a list of things to do, but as a reflection of the type of person you wish to become.

I think I’m finally beginning to take a hint. OK, I’m a slow learner.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

I think someone whose heart is in the right place and that I naturally do good (not perfect, but good).

To answer my question posed at the beginning–I started thinking of a list of qualities (not a Pharisee list) of people we think of as being good:

  • Pleasant, always with a smile
  • Greets people when they see them
  • Helps out in constant, small ways
  • A comfort when you’re down
  • Rejoice when you rejoice
  • A guide when required, support when required
  • Never gossip or speak ill of others
  • Deflects praise to others

Can you think of others? God said that the Law would be written on our hearts. I think these actions reflect that sentiment. We’re living with-God when we naturally reflect God to others.

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