Relax Into Focus and Awareness

Balance requires focus and relaxation.

Balance, focus, awareness, relaxation

“Try easy.” Have you ever attended a seminar led by one of those self-help, motivation, time management speakers? The first one I ever heard was in the late 70s. This was his mantra.

Yesterday I wrote about focus. Last night as I was teaching Tree Pose (see picture, it’s not me) to some new people at Yoga class, I thought about the paradoxes. New people will be trying so hard to balance. They think it’s very hard to do. They try hard. Where is the foot? Where are the hands? Stare at my spot.

And I was reminded. You have to relax.

Still the mind as you focus on your spot. Use your mind to scan your body (awareness) looking for places where you are holding tension. Release the tension. Make sure your breathing is easy and normal. Count breaths (that’s how you know how long to hold the pose). The key to balance is focus with awareness of your body and relax into the pose.

Sometimes we try so hard that we just cannot succeed. We actually lose focus by trying so hard to focus.

By the way, you don’t have to have the shape of the model in that picture to successfully hold Tree Pose. We have shall we say “larger” men and women who can hold Tree for 10-15 breaths in my class. I have actually learned to hold the pose focusing on my stable spot all the while using peripheral vision to watch all the people in class so that I can go to someone and help if necessary. But I have to achieve the relaxed awareness state of mind.

Try relaxing your mind and body and discover that your focus and attention on the task at hand improves.


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