As You Act, So Shall You Become

Yesterday, I talked about determining who you want to be. Before that I talked about getting up early to read, meditate, get ready for the day.

Say you woke up this morning and said, I’d like to be a more spiritual person. Except for a rare few, it doesn’t just happen. It’s really a journey. The journey starts with behaviors that become the pattern of your life.

It starts with getting up early. It’s quiet. You can study, meditate and pray. And it really only needs to be 30 minutes or so. If you can get in an hour, that’s great. In some ways it’s easier for me, because I don’t have small children at home. But when I visit my son’s family, the little ones know I get up early. So I don’t have as much time. But I have my cup of coffee and quiet time. When they get up, they know I’ll be downstairs and we can have some quiet time watching the sun rise and chatting.

I talked about changing your story–that idea you plant in your brain that says “I’m not a morning person.” But let’s change some behaviors.

It starts with getting prepared the night before. Do some of the things you might rush around doing in the morning–pack your (and your kids’) lunch; lay out your clothes; set your alarm. Plan out how many hours of sleep you need and go to bed earlier if necessary. Maybe that means you DVR your 10 pm TV shows (if you are still addicted to that thing) for later viewing. Make you to-do list the night before. That gets it off your mind.

Get up, turn on lights. Fix a cup of coffee or tea. Have your book already out by your favorite chair.

Commit to doing it for 21 days. After that time, it should become a habit.

Oh, and do it weekends, too. Don’t sleep in until 8 for two days and expect to get back into it. Maybe you’re up a half-hour later, but don’t sleep in.

As you act, so shall you become. If you begin to act in spiritual ways–and study, meditation and prayer are excellent starting places–you will reflect one day about how your life has changed.

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