Developing Your Life Pattern

This is the time of resolutions, goals, objectives. You tell yourself, “This year I’m going to (insert wish here).”

Many of us who  have lived through this, and observed others, and have pondered these things have developed the idea of forming habits rather than adopting goals or New Year’s Resolutions.

There was a man (I was told this story by a third person) who was always late. Late for appointments. Late with reports. Just totally disorganized.

One day, he decided that rather than lose his job and even his family he would change the way he lived. He adopted one small new habit–he decided to start getting up a half-hour earlier in the morning. He heard that if you fill your mind with the right things in the mornings it would set the tone for a better day. So he got up and read something that was educational or inspirational.

This worked so well for him, that he started getting up even earlier and reading longer. People noticed the change. He became a top-performing sales person in the organization.

Your story

What do you tell yourself about yourself? Do you say “I’m not” often? “I’m not a morning person.”

What if you changed your story? What if you told yourself, “I get up early so that I can read from the Bible and meditate before I go out to face the world”? Your mind believes what you tell it repeatedly. You can change your story.

What if you began the year looking at the pattern of your life? Do you feel defeated or insecure? Do you lack energy? Do you watch too much TV?

You can weave a new pattern that includes getting up early to start the day with God. Then you can go out and view every event and situation of the day as an opportunity for service. Where you set your daily patterns, your life and thoughts will follow.

Maybe this is the year you begin to live more fully. It’s your decision.

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