Doing Your One Thing This Year

What is the one thing that is most important to you this year that you must work on?

I haven’t done New Year’s Resolutions for many years. That sort of thing simply doesn’t work. It’s like every January my Yoga class swells to triple its normal size from all the people who set fitness as a resolution. By February, they’re gone. Same in the fitness center.

Nehemiah (a man and a book in the Old Testament) had a task set before him by God. It was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. More than a hundred years earlier, the Babylonians had torn down the walls, looted and destroyed the Temple and carried away many of the people. He wanted to restore that.

When enemies tried to divert him, he replied, “”I am doing a great work, why should I come down?”

Andy Stanley has turned me on to the study of Nehemiah. Lots of interesting leadership teachings. In a recent talk, (here is a link to it in iTunes), he talked about our “one thing.”

What is your “one thing?” Is it a relationship that must be fixed? Or severed? Or a new habit you need to bring into your life? Or a new mission you’ve felt God calling you to? Or a destructive habit (drinking, smoking, anger) that needs to be replaced?

One Example

Sometimes the people of a nation get worked into a frenzy of war and hate. The Balkans had a period of that. But sometimes governments posture and provoke because of the personalities of the leaders, not necessarily because the people want it.

In the face of a pending war between Israel and Iran, a graphic artist did his “one thing” although he never thought it would be so big. In this TED Talk, Ronny Edry explains “Israel and Iran, A Love Story” and the results of posting a picture of a poster he created of himself and his daughter with a bold message: “Iranians … we [heart] you” on Facebook from people in Iran and eventually around the world.

What if the voice of all the people who want to live in peace were heard? Maybe that’s a big thing for this year.

Israel and Iran, A Love Story

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