Anticipation of God

When I was young, I played on a baseball team. I have memories of summer rains on game days when it would rain all day and I’d be inside and wishing I were out. The memories returned yesterday. It rained all day. I seldom have the time or opportunity to play golf anymore. But I’d been invited to sub in a local league.

I thought about waiting and anticipation. Remember waiting for Easter in anticipation of large family dinners, dressing up, candy, more candy? I’d forgotten.

We know the end of the story–that there is an Easter. When our teacher and pioneer in the faith actually died and then returned. He was more than teacher, but he was really the pioneer for us.

The first followers didn’t know the end of the story. For them, the waiting was over. The game was cancelled. It was only rain. They didn’t know what was next. The anticipation was probably more akin to dread. It was only a few days. But any who were able to keep emotionally stable in that time were not human.

From the joyous entry only a few days ago to the sudden secret arrest, quick trial and execution. It all happened so fast. Humans cannot digest all those emotional swings and combine them with the final week of teaching that rapidly. It takes time.

But then news trickled in. First then grave was empty. Then reports of sightings. Then there he was. I bet those first Christians awoke every day of the rest of their lives anticipating relationship with Jesus. I wonder how many of us do.

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