I gave a presentation on the Internet Wednesday. The topic was manufacturing transformation. Someone asked a question about what skills he should develop–innovation? I replied, no, develop curiosity. Broaden your reading. Listen to a wide variety of podcasts. Ask questions. Be amazed. That will lead to being innovative.

I write this post on Good Friday. This anniversary remembers a series of events that has provoked the spiritual transformation of millions of people. Spiritual transformation also transformed the ways millions of people have lived their daily lives, related to those other humans around them, lived within themselves.

The events aroused the curiosity of millions as they try to imagine what it was like in Jerusalem all those many years ago. And to put themselves in the places of the various actors on that stage. What was it like to be a member of the Jewish ruling council? Or Pilate? Or the women followers? Or the close friends?

Better to be curious about what the meaning in your own life. Have you been transformed? What has that meant? What could that mean for how you live tomorrow?

For millions this has been a day to pause and reflect. Grab a bit of time today (or whatever day you happen to be reading this) and pause and reflect.

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