The Futility of Controlling Nature and Others

My study window faces west. Early every morning even before dawn I see robins already beginning the days chore of finding food.

This morning I sit in my mediation chair and look out I see lightning from an approaching thunderstorm. I know it is supposed to hit about my usual time for walking to the fitness center.

I realize, there are no robins. What do they know? Are then sheltered in the evergreens and bushes already?

The rain will come soon.

Do you have any water leaks in your house? Or water rising in the ground around your house? We puny humans have been trying for thousands of years to control water, yet it remains a problem from catastrophic to annoying.

Yet, we think we can search through the writings of the Apostle Paul in order to compile a list of things we are not to do or be and then force other people (or even ourselves if truth be known) to follow these rules exactly!

We can’t control ourselves, let alone have the responsibility to control others.

The power of Easter morning and the realization of the extent of God’s grace.

Search diligently instead for Jesus’ teaching on how we are behave toward ourselves, toward others, and toward God.

Extend grace and love to yourself and each person you meet today.

See if you can do that better than you do controlling water in your house.

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