Leadership That Seeks Unity, Peace, Justice

Leadership strives to unite people into striving for a common cause. Leadership in America and many other parts of the world strives to divide people. The hope is that when the division is proclaimed these leaders hope to cling on to some sort of majority. Or, at least power.

This can be as true in business and religious organizations as it is in politics. 

Andy Stanley took a thoughtful look at the condition of politics and evangelical Christianity in the United States. It broke his heart. That combination has created divisions among people, among families, among communities, among churches all in the name of winning points against “the enemy.”

Jesus taught us to love our enemies. Everywhere I look today I see people hating and disparaging their enemies.

This podcast conversation between Andy Stanley, author of Not In It To Win It, and John Maxwell, long-time leadership teacher, discusses the problems for organizations and politics when leaders abdicate their essential role and seek to divide.

Speaking to Christians, they point to Jesus who did not lead with belief but instead led with values. And above all he valued every individual person he met.

And so should we.

As for me, I seek to not be affiliated with any organization or movement that seeks to discriminate against any of God’s children whom he loves. Just bring us all together. And we can find solutions to many of the ills that confront us.

I seek not to win. I seek to promote life and justice and peace. Is there a leader somewhere?

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