It Takes All Kinds

When I was an active soccer referee, we always referred to the players as “ladies” or “gentlemen.” Of course, once the opening whistle sounded not all twenty-two acted like ladies and gentlemen. Always a few hooligans in the mix.

I have met many scoundrels in my life. They lied, cheated, stole. Sometimes I anticipated the actions. Sometimes I should have anticipated the actions. Sometimes I was completely surprised.

People in the industry I serve are overwhelmingly good people. My interactions with good people far exceed the number of scoundrels I’ve come across. These people are engineers solving problems they hope will make life better for others. Many volunteer extra time toward solving these problems.

The world will see both types of people until the end of time. If we watch for the good in people, we’ll see that there are many more than you would assume watching never-ending TV news or your social media stream.

Look for the good that people do and you may be surprised.

And look in a mirror at the end of the day. How much good have you done that day?

When we rise from sleep, we can ask of ourselves, “What good will I do today?”

Just before we retire for the night, we can ask of ourselves, “What good did I do today?”

That keeps us on track.

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