Being Present

A comment appeared on yesterday’s post about slowing down, where the writer talked about being present. I love that concept.

There is a phrase I was taught many years ago, “Wherever I go, there I am.”

How many times is our body someplace, but our attention and awareness are a million miles distant?

What about when we are with someone? Are we present with that person? Or is our body there, but we are not? Do you think they can tell? Can you tell when that story is reversed?

I’ve seen people who have paid an amount of money to attend a class, clinic, or conference. They show up, but they left their mind at home. Or somewhere.

I think about that when I am walking around the ponds where I live. Being present with the wildlife and flowers and plants. Even the occasional human.

Yes, I think being present is a gift we can give ourselves and also give to those around us.

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