People have realized for probably as long as there have been people something about prayer.

Prayer is a lifestyle.

Just this morning, I’ve read from the oldest book of the Hebrew Bible, something from the European Middle Ages, something from the 1800s, and something contemporary. All realized the reality of prayer, not as some time and some place where you repeat words.

Brother Lawrence talked about cultivating the practice of the presence of God.

Job’s friends tore their clothes and sat with him for seven days, not in words but in practice, to pray with him for the disaster that had overtaken him.

Habits become just the way you live over time. The Russian peasant, the hero of The Way of a Pilgrim, determined to live the life the Apostle Paul advised when he had taught us to “pray without ceasing.” He was exploring just how one could make prayer an intimate part of life. And remarkable experiences came his way.

There are times to pray with intention for outcome. Times to pray aloud especially for the comfort and encouragement of others.

But mostly, let your life be your prayer.

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