When The Pieces Come Together and the Image Pops

My wife likes to work jigsaw puzzles. I view them as a waste of time–until I get obsessed with the problem-solving aspect. The photo is the last one we completed. 1,000 pieces. We have one laid out on the kitchen counter now. When I close my eyes, I see puzzle pieces. When I woke up this morning to lie in Yoga corpse pose and meditate, I saw puzzle pieces fitting together.

Have you ever worked these?

Isn’t it fascinating when you have concentrated on finding the right piece with the exact fit one at a time and then suddenly the picture just pops out at you?

It happened to me last evening as I put the last piece in a building and suddenly it was almost as if the building came to life.

It’s the same with spiritual formation.

You may study, read, pray, meditate, think.

Then maybe you sing a song and–pop!–there it is. A piece of understanding. Part of the spiritual life just seems to come together. You thank God for the vision and understanding.

You bring that piece of growth into your life.

And then go on to the next section. There are stories about people who put it all together while still living. I’ve not met one. Not even when I look in the mirror. Especially when I look in the mirror. I see a picture partially complete but with more to go to finish the puzzle.

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