They set up camp in a new location not really knowing what to expect. The winter was unbelievably harsh. Many of the community did not live through it. Their neighbors showed them how to  plant crops and shared their bounty to help them. The people gathered for a celebration dinner to remember their blessings.


A time of commercial hype. “Black Friday” when the retailers begin to show a profit for the year resulting from early Christmas shopping. A time of overindulging in unhealthy foods. Sitting around. And not only in America. I just finished listening to a podcast featuring two Polish guys talking technology–and  Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

We can pause and check out how many things we can be grateful for. Mine:

  • Skills that can be used to educate and help people
  • A ministry that serves people
  • Friends who encourage
  • Family (well, most of them 😉  )
  • Living where I live, even if I don’t agree with the politics of those around me, we can differ without shooting each other as is happening in much of the world
  • Good health (well mostly)
  • Prosperity

Happy Thanksgiving. What are your blessings?

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One Response to “Thanksgiving”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    For freedom, grace, the opportunity to influence the lives of college students for my family, for some time with our son today grace and peace to you and yours Gary

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