It Is The Quality of the Questions We Ask

The panel of technology managers discussed what the Internet of Everything would bring us by 2025. The Internet of Everything is the Cisco marketing speak for something you may have heard of–The Internet of Things.

Your smart phone (you have one, right?) has more sensors and computing power than most automated assembly machines of the 1980s. All those sensors can send you information such as your location, how many steps you’ve taken, and more if you let it. The data is sent to storage places in the Internet where marketers can read it (only in aggregate so they say) so that they can only send you relevant ads while you waste time on Facebook.

Technologists are optimistic people. These predicted that in 10 years all data will be accessible over the Internet. 

Maybe. But the significant statement one of them made was that what all this technology can’t do is provide wisdom. The quality of the questions you ask becomes important.

I thought about Bible studies with groups. Some people are new to reading the Bible. They are constantly amazed at what they read. And their questions reflect a search for basic information. Who was that guy? Where is that town located? When did all these events happen?

As we grow in knowledge of what the words say, we begin to ask what they mean. How do these apply to the life I’m living right now. Pretty soon we begin looking into ourselves and ask about our thoughts and feelings. And about our relationship with God. We go beyond belief–saying God exists. We start to experience God.

We also begin to study more things to answer more questions. Perhaps first histories of the ancient world. Then perhaps the lives of the early followers–how did they live, what did they do, what did they teach.

Each set of questions takes us deeper into understanding.

It is the quality of the questions we ask that brings us wisdom.

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