Leaders Build a Great Team

Good leaders build a product at a profit; great leaders build a great team.

A great team fits together seamlessly. Each member knows and is great at executing the assigned role. Yet, each member knows and believes in the goal of the organization. The leader need not look over the work of each member in minute detail. 

In this situation, the leader is free to fulfill the role of leader.

  • Reinforce the vision to avoid “vision leak”
  • Be aware of the “big things” so that the little things go the right direction
  • Encourage each team member in growth and development of skills
  • Groom the next generation of leaders
  • Watch the details so that actions may be taken immediately upon changes in external or internal environment

Have you ever been part of such a team?

If you have, you will never forget the feeling. You actually enjoy work. You enjoy relationships with the team.

I have been on both–this type of smooth functioning team and dysfunctional teams. But mostly the latter. So much so, that a friend suggested I write a book on dysfunctional leadership. 

Someone asked me recently about an area where I am leading currently. What should I be doing? I answered, finding a younger person to replace me and then mentor them to grow into leadership and commitment to carry forward (and grow) the mission that I’m on.

Organizing–that’s what I do. It’s second nature by now. Looking out at opportunities for new things–I think about that often. Finding and grooming  a replacement? That is my challenge.

Whatever your challenge–whether it be lack of sufficient trust in your team members to let them be free to do their jobs and suggest improvement areas and new directions or whether it is a state of mind where you feel compelled to watch over everyone’s shoulder–recognize that as a weakness. Then go to work on it. Find a coach to help if necessary. There are many of us out there more than willing to help people grow.

The world does not suffer from an overabundance of good leadership. There’s room for one more.

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