Leaders Are Observant

While I was in an airport last week, a story about a man in Detroit played. Seems he lost his car, couldn’t afford another one right now, but he wanted to keep his job. So he basically walked 21 miles a day to get to work.

I don’t know how a TV reporter discovered him. The result of the story playing was that someone donated a car so he could make it to work.

The result was gratifying. But, I started thinking about all the people around him. Leaders where he works. Church leaders around him. Did no one see his plight, yet with his willingness to persevere, and try to help him?

There was a church leader, a senior pastor,  who seemed to know everyone. Someone need help? He’d point someone in their direction to help out. Trying to start a ministry? He could point out several people who might be interested in that same ministry.

A good business leader is aware of the people in the company, as well as top talent in competitors’ companies. They know whom to ask for which projects. Who to help out when someone else needs a little expertise and guidance.

Where do you fit on the observer scale? Are you oblivious to most people? Or do you see talent, desires, needs, places to help?

Sharpen your observation skills and watch your leadership quotient zoom.

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