Friday Leadership Meditation

The other day while looking for something in the Bible, I chanced upon the short letter of Jude. It captured my attention. The next 10 minutes were devoted to reading the entire thing.

It reminded me of several passages in Paul’s letters. Passages where Paul addresses the problems that occurred in the little communities around the eastern rim of the Mediterranean.

We know a leader must have a vision. The vision must include the reason for the existence of the organization or group. Why it exists. What is it’s purpose. Who does it serve. What are the benefits.

As we read through Paul’s letters, we develop a sense of a consistent message.

Jude shines light on the problem that subsequent leaders enter the organization and the vision they share is nothing like the original vision. The new vision potentially subverts the original. It takes the group down a different path. Paul often fought against that problem. Both men wanted the vision they shared to stay strong and focused.

Maybe you have witnessed such a situation. Maybe your church was going down a path, then new pastoral leadership came. Different vision (or worse, no vision), different path. All the momentum of the old is lost.

It caused me to ponder the responsibility of leaders to not lead people astray by chasing after false visions. Leaders have the power to lead people astray, to disrupt all the good work done before. We can really screw people up.

As we develop our vision statement as leaders, we must take care. We must be grounded, knowledgeable, wise. Learn from Jude the power for bad or good we have.


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