Master The Art of Storytelling

When Jesus wanted to make a point, he told a story.

Yes, sometimes he did “wisdom” teaching putting a new twist on sayings from Proverbs. What you remember most are his stories. The lost coin. The lost son. The lost sheep.

There are people who bludgeon you with facts or “you should” statements. But if they would simply share their story, it would be more effective.

In my profession, I write a lot of “factual” stuff. News and analysis in the world of technology, manufacturing, automation. Yesterday, I was interviewing someone about a survey they had completed. They had sent a news release and I printed it with some commentary and analysis.

But while I was talking with Linda, she told the story about why they do these particular surveys, who the people are they talk with, how they collect the information. Then she told the story of three business owners/managers. The deeper she got into the story, the more interesting it was.

Part of the survey news was that a majority of owners and managers (perhaps almost all) of small manufacturing businesses believe that “millennials” have poor work habits and motivation. Most were “baby boomers” but one was Gen X–the so-called “slackers”. Go figure. People originally thought boomers would never work out. We were too self-centered and pampered. Remember that?

Well, we got to stories of owners who were doing something about the skill shortage and need to recruit engineers and skilled trades people. That is interesting.

I will follow up with more interviews and write the stories on my business blog, The Manufacturing Connection.

I am by nature and training analytical. So this blog is mostly analytical. Maybe a skill for me to hone this year is story telling. Maybe that would be a good skill for you to develop this year. Telling a story to make your point may be more persuasive and interesting than acting like Sgt. Friday–“Just the facts, Ma’am.”

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