Weak Leaders

Weak leaders

Weak leaders rule through fear. Other weak leaders fail to lead.

There is a leader who likes to keep everyone guessing about where they stand. He moves people to different positions continually in order to keep them off balance.

This leader has a few favorites. They know it. This breeds internal dissension. There is no team. No coordinated moving toward a vision. There is only keeping your head down and hoping not to be noticed.

There is another weak leader who actually is not a leader. She may have the position, but she refuses to guide the team. She lets them go wherever they may. Some of the followers are frustrated by lack of team. Others are happy to be left alone to do their own thing.

Similarly, there is the leader who cannot make a decision. Things are always unsettled in the organization because no one knows the direction they are going.

Strong leaders

Strong leaders cast a vision of the meaning and purpose of the organization or team. Strong leaders guide the members of the team in growth and direction as a skilled horseman can guide a horse with the most subtle of touches with the rein or knees.

Strong leaders grow other leaders. They counsel and mentor helping the leaders under them to grow strong as leaders. She provides correction as necessary in order to keep the organization moving in the right direction. And everyone adding to the success of the mission.

Strong leaders do not let followers flounder in loss of direction.

Strong leaders devote much of their focus and thoughts on others on the team.

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