Leadership Example Speaking Truth With Love

Ever have a boss who was ever eager to speak the truth (at least as she or he saw it? They were always ready to point out flaws, failures, something they didn’t like?

How did it feel? Especially if they were emotionally unpredictable? There is probably nothing worse that a leader whose emotions are on a roller coaster and you have no way to predict what the day/hour/minute may bring.

Ever have a boss who refused to speak the truth? Refused to speak up? Made you wonder if they were disconnected? Or interested? Could not present their point of view or confront someone who needed pulled back into the fold?

In the first case, you are probably living in fear. Or at least great uncertainty.

In the second case, if you have initiative, then you just go your own way. Each team member goes their own way. There is no semblance of team unity or focus on mission. If the team members get along with each other, then things will survive for a while. If a team member senses a power vacuum and tries to take over–then there could be critical problems.

I’ve been writing about the apostle John lately. He started out as the first type of leader. Fiery. Combative. The team member in example two who senses the power vacuum and wants to step in.

But John was mentored to speak the truth with Love. Not mushy, sentimental love. But the love that looks at other people and meets them where they are. They give the truth (or instruction or mentoring) aimed at where the other person is in life. Guides them. Mentors them. Reminds them.

A leader firm in vision yet understanding of others in the organization/committee/company leads well.

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