Why Priests

The first time I took a deep dive into the book of Hebrews, I went about half-way in. Then something just didn’t sound right. So, I went back to the beginning and pulled out a copy of the book (or essay or whatever, it’s definitely not a letter) and read it along with the author of the exegesis. I thought, what in the world is this guy reading? Closed the book and never read another work by Hal Lindsey–one of the major proponents of knowledge of the secrets of the end of time.

I wrote a post about Why Priests? by Garry Wills a few weeks ago. This is a much better exegesis of the Hebrews. It is researched, scholarly yet readable (we’ll see if my wife makes it through–the test for readability) and well thought through. Not the least of which is that Wills seems to be Augustinian at the core–as am I.

Read this book if you are drawn to deeper understanding of the Bible. I like these works that stretch my thinking and increase my knowledge.

The thing is, I also have never considered priests or ministers as some sort of super-humans with some mysterious power. Every time I considered going to a seminary, I would think through and consider the curriculum and conclude that for the most part a seminary degree is just a ticket into a club. I’m with the the wit (was it Groucho Marx or Mark Twain?) who said “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member.”

I think the model of church that is best for today combines the best of the Acts 2 house churches (small groups) with a combined larger church where you can hear the best of teachers and collectively provide service with much greater impact than a few people working alone. See Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren and many others.

Find your group or groups. Search out good teaching. Study, pray, serve. Follow Jesus.

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