“Be careful what you pray for…you might just get it,” so says a friend.

She refers to praying for patience. You will be given many opportunities to live in patience until you absorb the lesson.

Sometimes you pray for removal from a difficult situation. You get it. Now what do you do?

Jesus told us to pray with intention and expectation.

We are to pray for specific things. We pray intentionally for God to bring people or situations into our lives. We pray intentionally for health, healing, peace, joy.

And we pray expecting that God will fulfill the prayer. Not weaseling the words such as “if it be your will.” We pray with the full expectation that it will happen. Now, like I said above, sometimes we may be surprised at what the answer is.

I’ve prayed for God to open me to a ministry. I expected something like a teaching pastor, which seems to fit within my personality and study. But no, God gives me a ministry in missions.

I’ve prayed for God to bring people into my life. I think I wasn’t specific enough. Most of the people have been helpful. Some are helpful in the negative by teaching me a lesson.

But, I still pray—with intention—with expectation.

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