You Will Know My Followers By Their Love

I’m continuing my posts from the Tijuana Christian Mission. This is our last day. We’re flying home overnight, so back to work Friday afternoon.

What an amazing testimony to God’s love at work. These Jesus followers serve some of the poorest of the poor, the abused, the neglected. There is no false sentimentality, likewise no finger-pointing. Just sharing God’s love with a sandwich and a Bible lesson. A shelter for abused women. Orphanages for abandoned children. A hospice for lost people.

I’ve traveled and seen many things. But I’ve never been taken into an alley packed with people who have little hope, many the only hope they have comes through a needle. But appreciative to Christ-followers who share.

Jesus said, you will know my followers by their love.

Sometimes I wonder about some who claim his name, yet fail so much to love others.

When you see these illnesses of society, you realize how much work there is to be done.

I’ve seen changed hearts and changed lives. We need many more.

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