Prince of Peace

We’ve heard all the titles that the Gospel writers used to describe Jesus. Intererstingly, Jesus was not the original bearer of those titles at that time. Almighty Lord, Wonderful Counsellor, Prince of Peace–those belonged to Caesar, Rome’s leader, first. It is interesting because even though Jesus almost never mentioned Rome, His teaching and His followers completely upended the existing world order.

Rome was all about power. Jesus taught that the truly powerful were servants. Leaders must be servants of those who follow them. When asked how people would know His followers, he said that you will know them by their love.

We call this the “Christmas Season” and wish people “Season’s Greetings” and talk of peace. Sentimental images of a quiet baby in a clean feeding trough (manger).

No word should be practiced more than merely said at this time of year than peace.

Where is peace?

The world is still filled with war (US troops remain in battle zones in the Middle East, bitter civil war in Syria, Africa full of violence). American politics is filled with hate, cynicism, vitriol. Families find misunderstandings, past hurts, splits, anger, and the like amplified at this time of year.

How important it is to let Jesus live in you this time of year and bring the presence of peace to everyone.


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