What Should a Leader Do

During my reading recently the phrase, “What should a leader do?”, sparked my imagination. What a great question. Especially for someone like me who is starting a couple of new initiatives in my life.

I thought that I would begin by looking at Jesus. He started a mission that toppled the Roman Empire–something that no one at his time would have ever contemplated.

Here are some characteristics. He definitely had a deep background in studying the Scriptures and other writing. He also thought deeply and originally about what he read. He spent time in prayer and meditation to get God’s leadership both for his study and his activities.

He definitely engaged in people development. He gathered many people, then chose his future leaders. He provided teaching about what is important. Then, he provided training so that they know how to act in a variety of situations. He provided opportunities to do the work. Then he provided feedback (assessment, mentoring) for improvement.

He spent time in personal development by reading/studying, listening, and prayer.

What should we do as leaders (of whatever we lead–especially ourselves)?

  • Learn
  • Seek guidance
  • Think
  • Develop qualities in others
  • Provide others (and ourselves) opportunities to develop skills
  • Assess performance and provide feedback designed to help growth and development

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