Leadership as team building

Someone was recently talking with me about leadership in an organization. “Problem is,” he said, “that too many only know how to work on their own. They can’t build teams.”

This is part of Jesus’ leadership legacy. He had a mission. He recruited disciples (people who shared that mission and wanted to learn and contribute). He taught them about the mission and how to do it. He created teams. They almost always went out in groups.

later, when he was gone and they were in charge, they still worked as teams. Paul even worked as part of a team. He just wrote individually.

Part of growing a team is common purpose. Part is trust. Part is having roles where each team member fills a role and the team succeeds. There is a humbleness like I have talked about where people think about the others. Yet each excels.

I have formed a few teams in my career. When they succeed, it is a beautiful thing. They are easy to destroy, though. They take work. But the result is worth it.

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