Exercise Your Spiritual Gifts

What are your  Spiritual Gifts?

Notice, I didn’t ask “do you have” gifts. The answer to that is “yes.”

Aside from those dear people who know their gifts and are happily using them and from those who simply don’t care, I see two problems. Figuring out what our gifts are. Exercising those we have.

It is difficult for us to know ourselves. There are useful meditation techniques that help us step outside our bodies and give us a glimpse of how we actually are. Sometimes we so lack confidence that we convince ourselves that we have no gifts. Some over compensate for that feeling by forcing a supposed gift that really isn’t. Ever know someone not gifted for leadership who thinks he/she is?

Bill Hybels recently talked about experimenting. If you’re not sure what your Spiritual gift is, but you think it might be X, then go try it. Experiment and see. If it doesn’t feel right, or if you’re not having an impact, maybe that’s not your gift. Try again. Find a test. Ask others. Find your gift.

New Testament writers are fond of using the metaphor of athletic training. That must have been a popular illustration in the Greek of the time. After finding your gift, you must exercise it. But not in the sense of exercising your dog, which generally means just going for a walk. Look at that illustration as one of an athlete preparing for a competition. Test your limits. Do something daily to develop the gift. Read. Ask questions. Try. Then try some more.

It appears that I may be in a situation where I need to build a couple of teams. I’ve been reflecting on this. The important task for me is to determine the types of giftedness that the teams need in its various roles and then to find people with those gifts who are willing to join in the journey.

I’ll say more about those two journeys as they develop.

Meanwhile, what is your Spiritual Gift? What are you doing about it?

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