What’s Your Big Thing for 2013?

Andy Stanley recently spoke on “what’s your big thing for 2013.” For the past year or so, I’ve been increasingly sensing a call for change. Seems like so much of my reading has been evolving in that direction. Especially Henry Cloud’s “Necessary Endings.”

There are things I want to create and new ideas to explore–both within the writing I’ve been doing here, which I wish to expand and in the profession that pays my bills. Not to mention I’ve had on my heart a sense of needing a new ministry of some sort.

So, last month I decided that it was time. After 10 years with the magazine I helped start, it was time to change. I needed a new focus and time to create. So, I have “retired” from active management. I’ll be pursuing some new ideas–some of which I hope will pay my bills 😉

A friend kept advising me to pray intentionally for people to enter my life. Amazingly, within 24 hours three people called me with ideas! So, I teach you all to pray in this site, then I do it myself. Teach the teacher.

I can now devote a little larger part of the day to developing this publication. Notice right away that I finally got around to mapping my domain name to the site. You can still do the “faithventure.wordpress.com” thing, but I now have a standalone name on the Web, “faith-venture.com”.

Now–onward to actually writing the book I’ve been outlining in my head for a year. And more conversations with all of you. That’s my big thing for 2013. What about you?

One Response to “What’s Your Big Thing for 2013?”

  1. cehanatf Says:

    As Always, following you! and feeling the same (but my kids are too Young… kkkk) God bless you!

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