Just Let God Know the Need

One of the many things I read every day is 300 Words a Day by Jon Swanson. He is really grounded in daily life with interesting insights. The other day he wrote about someone coming to him with a problem–logistics about a church program. He wrote:

“I needed to separate the need she had from the solutions she offered. Once the need was clear, the best solution would come. I suppose this could be a lesson about teamwork and collaboration. but for me it’s a lesson about prayer. Too often I tell God the solution, and wonder why I don’t get my way. When I let him know the need and wait, solutions I never imagined appear.”

He is so right. Don’t we all have this problem of praying to God for a specific solution? I’ve been attempting to just lay out the situation for God in my prayers. I’m pictorial in thinking (even though I write for a living, go figure). So, when I am praying for others or for me, I just enter quietly into God’s presence and picture the person or event. Just lay it out there for God.

And, yes. I have received many solutions–and still am today. About lots of stuff. And I’ve seen changes in the lives of people that I lay before God–not praying for a solution or even that “cop out” phrase according to your will. I know that God will work in the situation and the proper solution will happen.

The coolest thing is that I rest in the confidence that God knows the solution. I don’t have to be his boss.

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