Our New Life Pattern

The Willow Creek Association conducted a huge survey of Christ followers. The results were interesting. I have heard of a couple that I noted. For those who had lost interest in church, the thing that brought them back into a life with Christ and his church was the development of a spiritual practice or discipline.

Considering the results from everyone in the survey–hundreds of thousands of people from many global locations–the practice that they overwhelmingly noted that kept them close to God was the practice of studying the Word.

That shows one reason why I think it is so important to develop the life pattern of rising early, reading Spiritual material–the Bible first and then good teachers and thinkers on the Bible–first, meditating on the Word, and holding your concerns in prayer before God.

So, we start by changing our personal story from “I’m not a morning person” to “I arise early and start my day with God.”

“I am now able to meet the day and my responsibilities with a new perspective.”

“I now have a new focus every day by starting with God.”

This does not assure a stress-free life. People and circumstances will always interfere. But now you are more able to cope and make clearer decisions.

Trust me. It works.

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