Sense of Entitlement Destroys Gratitude

Jesus healed 10 men afflicted with leprosy. One came back to say, “Thank you.” He was not the Jewish one.

We live in a scientific age. So we do studies. Results of studies have shown that those who take time every week, pause and thank God for what has come their way lead lives with more meaning, peace and joy.

Works for me. I know it will work for you.

My wife and I believe in helping others. We serve in many small ways. She sometimes drives people to doctor’s appointments or other such errands who have no transportation. It’s an inconvenience at times, but no problem.

She has noticed two types of people in those circumstances. Those who are grateful for the help; and those who seem to feel entitled to help. For those in the latter group, it’s as if the world exists to serve them.

I know people with that entitlement attitude who are quite wealthy. Maybe middle class people desperately wanting to be upper middle class. They think they are entitled to that. They should get those perks. Mommy and Daddy told them they were special–or whatever other motivator there may be. The irony is that they don’t realize that Jesus told many stories about them–but they were never the good example.

Indeed, the disease of our era–at least in America–is that sense of entitlement. It’s everywhere. From poor people bred in a cycle of dependency on the welfare bureaucracy to richer people caught on the gerbil wheel of always wanting more.

One of the prophetic songs from the late 6os said, “Stop, children. What’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down.”

It’s time to stop for a time. Listen for God’s whisperings. Thank God for His grace that is given to you.

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