What Is Your Sentence?

I missed a day this week and this post is late. It’s been a long week. I’m at a conference. Got up at 3:45 am Monday to fly to Orlando. Took a Lyft to the hotel. By 1:00 pm I was at a table with notebook out ready for 5 hours of press conferences. Every half-hour a company executive would come in and tell us the latest news.

Dinner followed that. I was back in my room by 10:30 pm. Up at 5:30 to make it to a 7 am breakfast meeting. 13 appointments with few breaks later, it was 7 pm and I headed out for a quiet dinner. Wednesday, same routine.

Good news–I learned much and made or renewed many good contacts. Maybe even stirred up some business. But it’s far from my normal laid-back days.

After the conference closed for the day yesterday, a man I know who owns and is CEO of a software company in Germany invited me for an adult beverage while we chatted business.

The point is–what is the point?

He laid out for me the programming basis for his totally re-written software application. He pointed out the four main benefits of his software.

He’s passionate and enthusiastic about his product.

But I told him, he needed to come up with the one main point that tells potential customers what his rather complex software is all about. One simple sentence.

Then I thought, “What is my one simple sentence that describes what I’m all about?”

What is your sentence?

Are you who you think you are?

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