A Creative Response To Life

Picture a geeky, skinny, freshman engineering student. Freshman Comp class. Climax of the quarter was to write a “research” paper. At least x number of references. I forget how long, but probably as long as the magazine articles I wrote every month for years.

I had been doing some oddball reading on a topic in physical chemistry (I never read what you were supposed to be reading). Teacher said, oh, no, you must write on one of the things we read during class.


So, I chose to write on Henrik Ibsen’s concept of truth gleaned from Peer Gynt.

That was a long time ago. I still remember. And I remember the embarrassment of my five-minute oral presentation to the class–my first ever speech.

I lived through it all. And I liked philosophy as much as science even then.


According to Ibsen, it was a creative response to life.

Think on it. Life presents a continuous series of challenges. Maybe not as dramatic as Peer Gynt and the Mountain King. But today I rise, prepare for the day, and who knows what I might face?

Later, Viktor Frankl talked about how we can choose our response to what life throws at us.

We determine the rest of our life by the choices we make today.

Do we face every opportunity with the choice that springs from love of God and neighbor? Or do we respond with fear, anger, hate, or pride?

Don’t be like Indiana Jones’ nemesis in The Last Crusade, when the Crusader said of him as he chose a chalice, “He chose poorly.”

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