How Would It Look Or Sound If My Act Were on National TV

There is so much talk of freedom of speech. Or, “I’ve got my rights.”

But we seldom hear of responsibility.

Yes, I could say that. But, is it the wise thing to do?

Would I be proud about what I did or said if it were on the evening news?

Think of the ethical decision of some prominent people even in the last month who have had to explain away moral failure. Deeply “conservative” lawmaker who a) has a girlfriend even though he’s married and b) texts her that perhaps she should terminate the ensuing pregnancy.

We’ve had more than our share of political leaders and religious leaders and sports leaders who have had to try to read a statement composed by their lawyers with an appropriately contrite attitude to the national media.

But what about us? Our likelihood of being on national news is not as great—but these days, think about a video clip going viral on YouTube. We could all be in that situation.

Jesus came to give us freedom—but not license to do whatever we please.

Yes, we can do it or say it, but is it the wise thing to do?

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