Real Christians…

In the southern Bible Belt of the US, the most outspoken theme of Christian messaging is conversion. That is, “accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.”

As we travel south on vacation, we are always greeted by a parade of two types of billboards. One tempts you into visiting an “adult” store or stripper club. I’ve never visited an “adult” store, but I imagine it is, well, for adults. The other series of billboards attempts to provoke a conversion–whether by guilt or fear (usually fear).

This billboard in Virginia was different.

“Real Christians…Love Their Enemies”

Well, that is what Jesus instructed, right?

He said that anyone can love their friends. Even the pagans. But as for his followers, they should take this love thing to a new level.

So, what about this love thing?

Certainly not emotional. How about in action? Like when he followed up that discussion with examples such as “when someone asks you to carry his baggage for a mile, do it for two” or “when someone slaps you on the left cheek, turn the other”.

I’ve been injured by a few people in my life. Some years ago one of these people was talking with me. I listened politely and civilly, then went on my way. A friend asked, “Don’t you hate that guy?”  I replied, well, I don’t like what he did to me, but that’s no excuse not to be civil if I can’t otherwise avoid the conversation.

That’s probably on the weak side of love. But it beats the alternative–for both of us.

We are often too complicated. We overthink things. Why not just do the simple thing and move on?

And life goes on.

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