He Who Has Ears To Hear

Have you ever used the phrase, “Hiding in plain sight”?

You were searching, and there it was on the table, out in the open, right there for you to see?

Or you are solving a problem and realize the answer is right before you?

A good joke take you down one path only to spring into an entirely different direction with the punch line.

So, as I wrote last week, I’m puzzling out Jesus’ comments about who he is as reported by John (chapters 6, 7, 8).  I thought, why was Jesus talking in riddles?

Then I re-read the passages several times. This time, I filtered out all the background noise and focused only on what Jesus said. And it came to me, he wasn’t speaking in riddles. The answer is right there. Hiding in plain sight.

Jesus plainly said, using the “code words” that his audience at the Temple should have known well, that he came from God and was indeed the Son of God.

Test it. It’s right there. Only his listeners were entirely focused on another thought. They were thinking and indeed entirely focused on the things of this world. Jesus, as always, was focusing the discussion on the spiritual world.

It’s like Matthew records (13:13), “This is why I speak in parables: ‘Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.’ ” Jesus here is quoting from Isaiah (and probably other places, as well).

Take this example from the prophet (Isaiah 6:9), “Go and tell this people: ‘Be ever hearing but never understanding; be ever seeing but never perceiving.’ ”

Don’t be that guy.

2 Responses to “He Who Has Ears To Hear”

  1. Marcia Maia Says:

    Hi, Garry. Your posts are my daily practice of English and my everyday christian reminder. Thank you. Greetings from Brazil!

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