A Day To Remember

My great-grandmother always called today (well actually May 30 back in those days) Decoration Day. It was a day to visit cemeteries where deceased relatives were buried and decorate their graves. Leave a flower or bouquet or something.

Then we called this Memorial Day and turned it into the “official” beginning of summer. Sort of like how Labor Day became the “official” end of summer.

Memorial Day we can still pause and remember generations before us. But we’ve added a special remembrance of those in our military who served and died in our various wars.

I imagine that those of you who read this from many other countries (when you go on the Internet, you are open to the world) have similar days of remembrance.

In my life, I’ve been the little Cub Scout placing flowers on the graves of veterans at our village program. And in the high school marching band playing patriotic marches for the parade and ceremony. Now, I’m quieter.

But, let’s pause…and remember. No matter which country you’re from. We all have had predecessors who should be remembered.

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