To Be or Not To Be–Commercial That Is

Christians in America and perhaps in other countries have an annual ritual. Christmas is too commercial. “We’ve left Christ out of Christmas,” they moan.

Wait. But let a commercial entity leave a Christian symbol off its advertising, and the argument changes to “The [name your commercial brand] no longer believes in Christmas and promotes it.”

Hmm. Are we too commercial? Or, not commercial enough?

Now the English get to weigh in on the matter. Seems Cadbury, the famous confectioner, might be dropping the word “Easter” from its advertising. Even the British Prime Minister commented.

“Foul,” cry a segment of Christians. Buying special candies at Easter is what it’s all about. And it’s our holiday, not some pagan or nonreligious sales event.

We want our holidays commercialized. We don’t want our holidays commercialized. Ooohhh. What a dilemma!

I guess you can get all sentimental over kids, bunnies, hard-boiled painted eggs, chocolate, more chocolate, and the like. But I eat too much sugar in a normal day. I don’t need a special day with more of it. By the way, are you still eating Halloween candy?

In Europe for many centuries it was pretty much a matter of law that everyone was a Christian–or at least a member of the church. The fledgeling Americans said they didn’t want government telling us to be Christian. They just let cultural forces try to accomplish the same thing.

But just like the Christians in the New Testament (and for a few hundred years after), we live in a multicultural world.

Until we show the world that we’re living a better kind of life–one of those lives in community where everyone says “I want what they’re having”–then we will continue to live in a multicultural world.

Maybe we have more important things to do with our lives than worry about whether some big company trying to increase sales is advertising our favorite holiday or not.

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