Fundamentals of Leadership

It’s Leadership Friday here at the Faith Venture ranch.

For some reason, some people would say it’s God talking of course but it just could have been the coffee, while meditating this morning I began reflecting on several businesses or projects I’ve gotten myself involved in.

Great potential for doing good. Most of the time pulled it off well. A couple of swings missed the ball, but that’s life.

Failure to plan on your part does not constitute a crisis on mine.

I thought of this old phrase. Failure to plan.

Was there a budget?

Good question. Sometimes you go off spending money, bringing in many resources only to discover in the end that there was never going to be sufficient income to pay for it all.

Several times in my life I have been left with expenditures made with no money to cover it. Oops.

Budgeting is a discipline. It must be done early in the process of the project or business. It must be a living document that changes with changing conditions. I knew one business I was in was in trouble when the president told us his plan for the year to make a profit was to shorten accounts receivable (make customers pay faster) and lengthen accounts payable (make our suppliers finance our operations). He was fired.

Follow up.

Jon Swanson wrote today about letting your yes be yes. How many times have you been involved where leaders chart a course, reach a temporary milestone, and then everything is dropped. No finish. No follow up. People left dangling in the breeze. They said they’d do something, but…

When you coach athletics or conduct an orchestra, you pay attention to the fundamentals or perish. Can’t throw and catch? Don’t know your scales? Performance will be less than acceptable.

In leadership also, pay attention to the fundamentals for success.

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